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Weird random situation where Taran must go to some sort of Vampire Function, and must have some human thrall because Reasons. He is a shitty vampire and has no idea how to even try to enthrall someone. Grabs a random Drew off the street and basically says "You. You're my thrall now. For tonight." Drew is confused because what even is a thrall random stranger, so Taran reluctantly explains the situation. Drew ponders over it and decides that he will help this stranger because of course he will. Also, he has only ever seen vampires in movies, so it's neat that he's just met a real one, and will meet many other real ones!

He spends the whole Function meeting vampires and announcing that Taran is "my vampire! :D I am his thrall and very happy :D :D" Some of the vampires find him endearing, some find him annoying, and most of them wonder what the hell kind of thrall he is because thralls actually aren't supposed to be so chatty. Taran wonders what the hell he's gotten himself into.
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Bait & Switch, in which Becca and Priss are an assassin team working for... someone, because... they are. Becca lures their targets in with a good Potential Victim act (Bait); Priss kills the shit out of them (Switch). And those are totally their codenames. Becca finds them utterly atrocious and must they really use them, really? while Priss gets a genuine good giggle out of it.

Clearly, I've been reading too much of the Weiss Badfic archive.


Jul. 21st, 2013 08:37 pm
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Wwwwwwwelp, as of yesterday have broken 10k. Let's keep going and see how far we get, shall we?

Camp Nano!

Jul. 15th, 2013 12:03 pm
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Right, so I'm trying this thing. Have rediscovered that slow nights at the hotel are the best nights for any sort of Nano-ing ever how did I ever leave this job sdfghujhgfd. Set myself a dinky little goal of 10k just to see if I could manage it, what with only having 3 to 4 days a week where I can get any writing in. So far am sitting at just under 8k. May need to consider upping my goal a liiiiittle bit, haha. We shall see!
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30701 / 50000 words. 61% done!

Less than 20k to go, woo! I'm so behind, gaaaaah!


Nov. 2nd, 2012 11:59 pm
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9334 / 50000 words. 19% done!

Holy crap, almost 10k already and only two (ehh, almost three) days in! WHAT IS THIS MADNESS.
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Pfff, where have I been (again)? Not writing very much, that's where. Buuuuh, so lazy. However! About to get my NaNo on again, gah~! Probably gonna be more of the same, got all these little fiddly bits from the 'verse popping up here and there, so we'll see how that goes. Perhaps I'll work on some side story stuff!
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So, this is kind of a continuation from these posts, this time concerning my first vampire characters. Whee.

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And so, there's the vampiric nobility. Well. And Nic. But I guess he's sorta-kinda nobility-by-proxy by now.
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And again I say augh. Augh augh augh. Too much on my plate this month, stalled out at 72/100. DAMMIT. There's just been too much going on. What gets me is that I totally could've pulled it off if I hadn't kept being distracted by work/home/etc etc etc. Ah well, there's always next year.

Back to SWTOR, I guess, oh distraction that it is.

...Speaking of, started up another alt on there. So now I'm running three characters, woo. All based off of ones I already write, cuz I guess I'm uncreative, haha. So closest thing to a main I have is Adella the Sniper, based loosely on Gwen; then there's Makse the Gunslinger, basically Max pretending to be a brave adventurer; and Purisu the Bounty Hunter who I'm still debating on whether to go Merc or Powertech, and who is totally Priss. No idea what sort of surname I'll use once I hit legacy, but Adella's the highest level at 19, so it's nowhere near time to be worrying about that yet. Hah.

I should figure out how to do screenshots and take some pictures. Because I can.
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Augh, augh augh augh. So I only just *just* got started on the Script Frenzy, bah. So very late. However! Since I'm adapting my Giant NanoNovel of Doom, I've caught myself up pretty well. Now it's just a matter of having enough time to get to 100 pages by the end of the month.

Also, playing the crap out of The Old Republic. Might have found myself a new chara to write, sorta. She's vaguely Gwen-based, so I dunno yet. Hell, is it too fantwit-ish to do this? >.>

Why is this year flying so fast?? D:
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Well. After getting off to a completely pitiful start, I'm working my way toward being caught up. Only behind by about a day and a half, now. GO GO GO! @_@
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Ugh, where the hell have I been? Well! What with moving halfway across the country (again), finding a house to rent, and the husband coming home from deployment, where I have been has certainly not been at my computer writing. However! Managed to (baaaaarely) beat Script Frenzy anyway, woo! Thinking I'll be trying it again next year, see how it goes.

And now, off to edit stuff!
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Right! So now I've (unwisely?) decided to try my hand at Script Frenzy. It only took me several hours to figure out the helpful scriptwriting software, ahaha.

Current page count!

A fairly good start!
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Another weird one. Yeah. Read more... )
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Right, first horror type dream I've had in a while. Forgot most of it before I even woke up, go figure. Read more... )
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Pfff, where the hell have I been? Had no idea I hadn't posted anything since January, damn. But mostly just been working on tweaking stuff I've already posted so at least it's not like I haven't been writing at all. Considering taking a crack at Script Frenzy, but who knows how that'll turn out. But I just might try.

Things to work on:
The Very Specific Timeline
More profiley stuff
Dinner at the Rosewood Tavern
Type up the weird dream I had last week

...Yeah. That's all for now.
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Hahaha I love this one.

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1. Fill in the blanks with 15 of your characters.
2. Answer the questions as follows.

1. Taran
2. Rachel
3. Brandon
4. Ryan
5. Morty
6. Max
7. Livi
8. Becca
9. Nic
10. Priss
11. Drew
12. Lilli
13. Ivy
14. Bea
15. Argon

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