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Bait & Switch, in which Becca and Priss are an assassin team working for... someone, because... they are. Becca lures their targets in with a good Potential Victim act (Bait); Priss kills the shit out of them (Switch). And those are totally their codenames. Becca finds them utterly atrocious and must they really use them, really? while Priss gets a genuine good giggle out of it.

Clearly, I've been reading too much of the Weiss Badfic archive.
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And again I say augh. Augh augh augh. Too much on my plate this month, stalled out at 72/100. DAMMIT. There's just been too much going on. What gets me is that I totally could've pulled it off if I hadn't kept being distracted by work/home/etc etc etc. Ah well, there's always next year.

Back to SWTOR, I guess, oh distraction that it is.

...Speaking of, started up another alt on there. So now I'm running three characters, woo. All based off of ones I already write, cuz I guess I'm uncreative, haha. So closest thing to a main I have is Adella the Sniper, based loosely on Gwen; then there's Makse the Gunslinger, basically Max pretending to be a brave adventurer; and Purisu the Bounty Hunter who I'm still debating on whether to go Merc or Powertech, and who is totally Priss. No idea what sort of surname I'll use once I hit legacy, but Adella's the highest level at 19, so it's nowhere near time to be worrying about that yet. Hah.

I should figure out how to do screenshots and take some pictures. Because I can.
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1. Fill in the blanks with 15 of your characters.
2. Answer the questions as follows.

1. Taran
2. Rachel
3. Brandon
4. Ryan
5. Morty
6. Max
7. Livi
8. Becca
9. Nic
10. Priss
11. Drew
12. Lilli
13. Ivy
14. Bea
15. Argon

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Right, so I mentioned Way Back When about Priss being some species other than human. And it's funny, but if she were in DBZ Verse she'd definitely be a Saiyan. Which is weird, because I'm pretty positive I didn't discover DBZ until years after her various talents (Hardcore hardcore strength? Blasting the shit out of things? Enjoying the hell out of fighting? A great big YES to all!) were already set. Well. She's never had a tail of any sort anyway, so not quite a Saiyan, but close enough.

Anyway, it doesn't really matter. Her species was Earth-originated, and they're mostly gone. She's got no way of finding out what she actually is, and that's alright. As far as she's concerned she's just a human of the 'freak of nature' variety. Not in the "Oh woe is me I'm a freak" sense, but the "Pff, who cares" sense. She enjoys her 'freakish' talents.

She did comment once, upon being introduced to the world of DBZ, that she would probably be right at home there. I daresay she's right. XD
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Randomly, lately when I hear Priss talk in my head she sounds vaguely Russian. I am not sure why this is.
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So, this. Incoherent and odd. In which Priss acts OOC... )


Dec. 29th, 2007 09:37 pm
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So I had another rather nonsensical dream last night. It's... weird. Read more... )

I say again: What the hell, subconscious.
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Last night, I had a random zombie dream! W00000000000h00. This time, I was me. Maybe. Or maybe I was Livi. I think I was. And I had Becca and Priss with me, or a pair of girls something like them, anyway. Maybe their original incarnations? Anyway. We had this random old beat-up brownish van (not The Van,* b/c The Van is white...ish), and it was our getaway vehicle. And boy did we need it; there were zombies popping up EVERYWHERE. I don't even remember seeing any other non-zombie people running around.

So. The basic plot was that we drove around, I guess trying to find other people, or places that weren't zombie-infested, or something. Had very little luck. Like, we'd get to a place, and it'd seem ok for a little while, but we'd always wind up having to run like hell back to the van because suddenly omgzombies. And randomly, there was a dog with us too. Pretty pretty dalmation that hung out in the back of the van. The zombies weren't interested in eating him though, which was nice. And that's pretty much all I can remember of it, really. That and wondering where the hell Max and Brandon were, and being really worried. I suppose this must've been happening during the runaway phase or something. Could be wrong. Who knows.

It never got any further, cuz boyfriend woke me up too early. The bitch.

One day, I should type up the Driveway Zombies Dream. XD Cracktastic.

*The Van was the group's 'getaway car' way back when. Yesh.
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I thought this would be fun, and at least a little distracting...

List 12 of your original characters:

01. Livi
02. Brandon
03. Max
04. Ozoka
05. Argon
06. Nic
07. Becca
08. Priss
09. Taran
10. Drew
11. Shiro
12. Bea

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I get the feeling Livi's childfree. That, and her girly-bits may not work. She doesn't care because she's not breeding anyway. Wouldn't change if she met the "right man" as the "right man" also wouldn't want to breed. Unless we're talking Kearny 'Verse, in which case Mal could probably sway her.

Becca would love to have kids. She'd have adopt as many as she could handle. No idea who she'd have any with, but that's neither here nor there. After seeing what multiple births did to her own mother, she'd be reluctant to go that route. Also her roommate scares off potential boyfriends/husbands.

Priss? Would abort faster than you could say "Planned Parenthood." However, on the off-chance that she went crazy and kept it, the kid would be fairly deadly by age 5. But she wouldn't be keeping it.

Lilli is still a child herself and doesn't think of such things yet. She won't for a Very Long Time. Perhaps when she's older.

Ivy hasn't considered it either way. She'd have to get a boyfriend first. She'd probably make a decent mother, at least.

Rachel wanted kids, just not when she wound up getting them. Oopsie. She's been a good, if overprotective, mama to Lil' Max, and would've been the same to the other two had they been around. Actually, if they'd been around she probably would've been less overprotective, as their absence was the reason for her overprotectiveness in the first place.

Bea doesn't care. Neither does her girlfriend. Kitty-Karen is probably childfree too.


Jul. 25th, 2006 08:11 pm
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So. Say Becca gets her coffee/tea/bakery shop she's wanting. She wouldn't want to work alone, y'know? She would quite possibly beg her dear, sweet, utterly wonderful roommate to work with her. Thing is? Her "dear, sweet, utterly wonderful" roommate happens to be Priss, who would maul anyone who described her that way, and who wasn't Becca. "Fucking evil ice bitch" is a far better description, really. Buuut, she'd probably agree eventually, especially if she was bored and didn't have many jobs coming in (she's a freelance bounty hunter/assassin/what have you). She'd hate everything about it: the bright cheery atmosphere, the customers, and especially having to wear pastel. Because Becca likes happy colors, so that'd be the uniform. Khaki pants/capris and a polo in a light green, probably. Possibly with white stripes. And she'd have to pretend to be a generally friendly person, which would suck a whole lot of ass, and which she would only agree to to please Becca, and possibly for the promise of some nookie or something after work. Not that that's what Becca would call it, of course.

I think once things got going they'd have the best behaved customers ever, cuz they would sorta ph34r the evil waitress. Mwaha. They'll keep coming back for the delicious drinks and munchies, dammit. And who knows, maybe (shock and horror!) there might be a few customers Priss could make friends with because they're tolerable. She doesn't actually have any friends outside of their tight little circle, really. Not that she cares of course, it's just a funny thought.

What's even funnier, is the idea of Miss Semi-Evil Incarnate Priss going around being friendly and wearing happy pastels while serving people tea and biscuits. Heehee.
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Brandon peeked up over the large metal crate he was hiding behind, but quickly jerked back as bullets sprayed around him. He sighed. "I really don' wanna die like this," he muttered.

Priss turned to him, huffing slightly. The fact that they were hiding at all instead of fighting was bad enough; she didn't want to listen to his moaning. "I don't plan to," she said resolutely.

"Hell, I didn't plan to either, but..." He made a halfhearted wave in the direction of the firing. "They got guns, we don't. We're way outnumbered. The hell are we 'sposed ta' do?"

"I don't plan to die like this," she repeated, a familiar glint in her eyes. "I plan to die taking out as many of these bastards as possible."

Brandon thought about it a minute. "Guess that works.."

"It does." She drew her sword. "Ready?"

"Hell no," the werewolf answered, drawing his own sword. "Let's go."

They jumped over the crates.


Umm, yeah. Short and simple and odd. Don't ask, it was just suddenly there. Who are they fighting? Why are they fighting? Are they really about to die? I have no idea.
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Because if I don't get it down somewhere I'll forget it eventually. And I know it doesn't matter to anyone else, but it kinda matters to me. So, yeah.

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I'm so tired of typing now. But now I won't forget any of this, cuz it's here. Yay! <.< Later on sometime I oughta do this for my newer people. Don't wanna forget them either.
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This just popped into my head while I was showering. Don't mind the oddness, I was washing my hair at the time and I've worked since it came in. Also doesn't help that I'm tired like whoa.

random )

And there we go. Alrighty, I'm done being random. Off to bed!


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