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So, things have been decent, aside from me nearly having a psychotic episode at work the other night (for no reason, wtf). Then there's the fact that I lost my checkcard last week. It's not lost anymore, but whoever found it bought gas with it and overdrew me like whoa. That's fixed too now. And today I begin the hunt for this person. They will pay.

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Yep yep, got some simming on. woo-hoo's within )
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But first! They've predicted snow. My fingers are cold.

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Ok! So I only got about an hour or so of sim time cuz the coughing thing got worse so I wound up chugging Nyquil and crashing around 3am. Whee. I feel better today.

This is gonna be short. w00t )

I prolly won't be simming tonight cuz apparently I have Things To Do. Blarg. But yes. I shall work on these two again once I've got some input.
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sim babble )

Blah rain. I am unhappy. More simtime to amuse me.
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Meh! No simming tonight cuz I got home too late from work to bother. But tomorrow! Yesss, tomorrow there'll be stuff.

And! I got that pic after all... zomg sim yaoi! )
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Because Sims2 has totally eaten my brain. Again. The only person on here who's interested in this stuff is Jen [ profile] broken_tsuzuki, but I'm posting it anyway for kicks.

Anyone curious, these simmy people are based off OCs she and I made.

now is the time to have a nice grilled-cheese sammich )

And that's all I've got for now. More madness to come, after I re-re-re-re-rereinstall the game and get some play in. XD


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