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But seriously, I had The Most Epic Dream Ever (or at least Most Epic Lately) last night. Unfortunately I've forgotten all but a few details. Alas.

Here's what I got:

Livi and Max went to... somewhere... to train in zombie killing. Because... the place they were in before was being attacked? Something like that. And they came back sometime later really good at the slaying. I know for sure Livi took at least one out with something small like a hand axe and it was pretty damn badass. Go, girl, go. And at some point while they were training she gave Max what she said was a Ring of Courage so he wouldn't punk out and stuff, which worked really well. He was rather adorably brave throughout the madness, at least until he lost the ring and freaked out. 'Course, then Livi told him it was just something she'd picked up somewhere and it wasn't enchanted at all. So he kinda got better. Whee, psychologicality! XD And anyway I guess everything turned out alright, but that's pretty much all I can remember. There was a lot more.

Like, Jack Sparrow bringing in an entire fleet of pirates for reinforcements. o.O;; What are you doing in my dream, Jack Sparrow?


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