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Ok, so I was dreaming random stuff involving something with Taran and Drew. There were some evil people, I think the three vampires who turned Taran. So one of them was holding him down, and the other two had Drew. And I don't remember exactly what they were talking about, but it was something to do with them doing Bad Stuff to Drew to mess with Taran. Possibly the same thing they'd done to him back when they turned him. Bad, bad things. And Drew, he figured out what they meant, and realized what other people meant when they went on about things like that. He's pretty innocent as far as that stuff goes, but this time he understood...and it made him mad. Like, really mad...he'd never been so pissed off in his life. And then? Something weird. He. changed. I mean, changed. It was crazy. Sort of like when he changes forms to merboy-type, only so much not. He went a little greenish-skinned, his eyes blacked out, and he got big scary teeth like a fucking barracuda. I think he might've grown a little too, gotten a little taller and lankier, and his hair kinda went a little dead-seaweed-in-water-like. He looked like a fucking sea monster of some sort. There was severe beatdown. And what sucked is that Taran didn't get to watch cuz he'd passed out by then. I think the one person was choking him or something.

And then when he woke up Drew was perfectly normal, just kinda worried about things because he couldn't remember what'd happened past the point where he'd seen red, just that after he'd calmed down the people who'd attacked them were totally pwned and not coming back ever. And Taran was all 'wtf' and that's really all I remember.

Strange, huh? A raging Drew is a scary thing. XD


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