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Taran-babbles, out of nowhere. Imagine he's somewhere secluded, scribbling in an old beat-up notebook. He does that sometimes, apparently.

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Brandon peeked up over the large metal crate he was hiding behind, but quickly jerked back as bullets sprayed around him. He sighed. "I really don' wanna die like this," he muttered.

Priss turned to him, huffing slightly. The fact that they were hiding at all instead of fighting was bad enough; she didn't want to listen to his moaning. "I don't plan to," she said resolutely.

"Hell, I didn't plan to either, but..." He made a halfhearted wave in the direction of the firing. "They got guns, we don't. We're way outnumbered. The hell are we 'sposed ta' do?"

"I don't plan to die like this," she repeated, a familiar glint in her eyes. "I plan to die taking out as many of these bastards as possible."

Brandon thought about it a minute. "Guess that works.."

"It does." She drew her sword. "Ready?"

"Hell no," the werewolf answered, drawing his own sword. "Let's go."

They jumped over the crates.


Umm, yeah. Short and simple and odd. Don't ask, it was just suddenly there. Who are they fighting? Why are they fighting? Are they really about to die? I have no idea.

on slaying

Aug. 26th, 2005 04:32 pm
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"The best thing about my job right now? Hm.. Ok, imagine you're well-known for working alone. Well, most slayers are, but anyway. Get sent after a vampire hoarde. Give 'em a good fight, but let 'em think they've got you beat. Then it's great fun to see their faces when you call in your pet werewolf."

"You' a werewolf?"

"Oh yeah, it's great. He may be young, but hey, he's great at ripping throats no matter what form he's in." *^_^*


Anyway. Consider it an interview of sorts for my resident slayer. Dunno who the interviewer is, but eh. Whoever he/she is, I'm sure they consider my slayer to be quite crazy. >.> ...Which he is. I'm sure after this little snippet he'd be going on in great detail about just how great a weapon a werewolf is against vampires. Big, messy details.
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Atoshi: *gasp* He's the one!
Jei: *facepalm* -_-;;
Max: *thinks* ...Neo?
Atoshi: The one to destroy the world!
Max: O.O;;;;

This amuses me greatly. More than it should, prolly. Meh. It's late and I'm tired. To clarify: Atoshi and Jei are prophet brothers, and that's what happened when they met Max. Cuz uh...yeah. He will. Maybe. Yes, he really is so much of a geek that when he hears 'the one' it sounds like 'The One' and the first thing that pops into his head is Neo. And Atoshi so just burst out with it, and they weren't supposed to tell. Oopsie.


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