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Weird random situation where Taran must go to some sort of Vampire Function, and must have some human thrall because Reasons. He is a shitty vampire and has no idea how to even try to enthrall someone. Grabs a random Drew off the street and basically says "You. You're my thrall now. For tonight." Drew is confused because what even is a thrall random stranger, so Taran reluctantly explains the situation. Drew ponders over it and decides that he will help this stranger because of course he will. Also, he has only ever seen vampires in movies, so it's neat that he's just met a real one, and will meet many other real ones!

He spends the whole Function meeting vampires and announcing that Taran is "my vampire! :D I am his thrall and very happy :D :D" Some of the vampires find him endearing, some find him annoying, and most of them wonder what the hell kind of thrall he is because thralls actually aren't supposed to be so chatty. Taran wonders what the hell he's gotten himself into.
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1. Fill in the blanks with 15 of your characters.
2. Answer the questions as follows.

1. Taran
2. Rachel
3. Brandon
4. Ryan
5. Morty
6. Max
7. Livi
8. Becca
9. Nic
10. Priss
11. Drew
12. Lilli
13. Ivy
14. Bea
15. Argon

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Taran has started returning Drew's hugs, even though it seems to make him uncomfortable.

Also he is shocked, shocked! at the random kisses. Shocked, I tell you. AHAHAHA LOOKIT THAT FACE. X3


Oct. 26th, 2009 02:38 pm
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"Hi, mister pink ghost! Pink is my favoritest color! :D :D :D"
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Stupid chess X(

Apparently Jerry can find chess to be frustrating.


Oct. 7th, 2007 10:19 pm
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"Imagination is more important than knowledge"
'What is your personal life motto?' at

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So while randomly journal-hopping I came across this: The Lifetime Movie Title Generator. Silliness ensued. d0rkery )

Ok, I'm done now XD. Had my fill of lols.
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I thought this would be fun, and at least a little distracting...

List 12 of your original characters:

01. Livi
02. Brandon
03. Max
04. Ozoka
05. Argon
06. Nic
07. Becca
08. Priss
09. Taran
10. Drew
11. Shiro
12. Bea

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Jul. 25th, 2006 08:11 pm
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So. Say Becca gets her coffee/tea/bakery shop she's wanting. She wouldn't want to work alone, y'know? She would quite possibly beg her dear, sweet, utterly wonderful roommate to work with her. Thing is? Her "dear, sweet, utterly wonderful" roommate happens to be Priss, who would maul anyone who described her that way, and who wasn't Becca. "Fucking evil ice bitch" is a far better description, really. Buuut, she'd probably agree eventually, especially if she was bored and didn't have many jobs coming in (she's a freelance bounty hunter/assassin/what have you). She'd hate everything about it: the bright cheery atmosphere, the customers, and especially having to wear pastel. Because Becca likes happy colors, so that'd be the uniform. Khaki pants/capris and a polo in a light green, probably. Possibly with white stripes. And she'd have to pretend to be a generally friendly person, which would suck a whole lot of ass, and which she would only agree to to please Becca, and possibly for the promise of some nookie or something after work. Not that that's what Becca would call it, of course.

I think once things got going they'd have the best behaved customers ever, cuz they would sorta ph34r the evil waitress. Mwaha. They'll keep coming back for the delicious drinks and munchies, dammit. And who knows, maybe (shock and horror!) there might be a few customers Priss could make friends with because they're tolerable. She doesn't actually have any friends outside of their tight little circle, really. Not that she cares of course, it's just a funny thought.

What's even funnier, is the idea of Miss Semi-Evil Incarnate Priss going around being friendly and wearing happy pastels while serving people tea and biscuits. Heehee.

on slaying

Aug. 26th, 2005 04:32 pm
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"The best thing about my job right now? Hm.. Ok, imagine you're well-known for working alone. Well, most slayers are, but anyway. Get sent after a vampire hoarde. Give 'em a good fight, but let 'em think they've got you beat. Then it's great fun to see their faces when you call in your pet werewolf."

"You' a werewolf?"

"Oh yeah, it's great. He may be young, but hey, he's great at ripping throats no matter what form he's in." *^_^*


Anyway. Consider it an interview of sorts for my resident slayer. Dunno who the interviewer is, but eh. Whoever he/she is, I'm sure they consider my slayer to be quite crazy. >.> ...Which he is. I'm sure after this little snippet he'd be going on in great detail about just how great a weapon a werewolf is against vampires. Big, messy details.
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This just popped into my head while I was showering. Don't mind the oddness, I was washing my hair at the time and I've worked since it came in. Also doesn't help that I'm tired like whoa.

random )

And there we go. Alrighty, I'm done being random. Off to bed!
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Atoshi: *gasp* He's the one!
Jei: *facepalm* -_-;;
Max: *thinks* ...Neo?
Atoshi: The one to destroy the world!
Max: O.O;;;;

This amuses me greatly. More than it should, prolly. Meh. It's late and I'm tired. To clarify: Atoshi and Jei are prophet brothers, and that's what happened when they met Max. Cuz uh...yeah. He will. Maybe. Yes, he really is so much of a geek that when he hears 'the one' it sounds like 'The One' and the first thing that pops into his head is Neo. And Atoshi so just burst out with it, and they weren't supposed to tell. Oopsie.
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Yes. Repost from the main journal about my lovelly lil' Telmeri boi, cuz it's fun.

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