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And again I say augh. Augh augh augh. Too much on my plate this month, stalled out at 72/100. DAMMIT. There's just been too much going on. What gets me is that I totally could've pulled it off if I hadn't kept being distracted by work/home/etc etc etc. Ah well, there's always next year.

Back to SWTOR, I guess, oh distraction that it is.

...Speaking of, started up another alt on there. So now I'm running three characters, woo. All based off of ones I already write, cuz I guess I'm uncreative, haha. So closest thing to a main I have is Adella the Sniper, based loosely on Gwen; then there's Makse the Gunslinger, basically Max pretending to be a brave adventurer; and Purisu the Bounty Hunter who I'm still debating on whether to go Merc or Powertech, and who is totally Priss. No idea what sort of surname I'll use once I hit legacy, but Adella's the highest level at 19, so it's nowhere near time to be worrying about that yet. Hah.

I should figure out how to do screenshots and take some pictures. Because I can.
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Augh, augh augh augh. So I only just *just* got started on the Script Frenzy, bah. So very late. However! Since I'm adapting my Giant NanoNovel of Doom, I've caught myself up pretty well. Now it's just a matter of having enough time to get to 100 pages by the end of the month.

Also, playing the crap out of The Old Republic. Might have found myself a new chara to write, sorta. She's vaguely Gwen-based, so I dunno yet. Hell, is it too fantwit-ish to do this? >.>

Why is this year flying so fast?? D:
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Ugh, where the hell have I been? Well! What with moving halfway across the country (again), finding a house to rent, and the husband coming home from deployment, where I have been has certainly not been at my computer writing. However! Managed to (baaaaarely) beat Script Frenzy anyway, woo! Thinking I'll be trying it again next year, see how it goes.

And now, off to edit stuff!
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Right! So now I've (unwisely?) decided to try my hand at Script Frenzy. It only took me several hours to figure out the helpful scriptwriting software, ahaha.

Current page count!

A fairly good start!


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