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Jul. 15th, 2013 12:03 pm
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Right, so I'm trying this thing. Have rediscovered that slow nights at the hotel are the best nights for any sort of Nano-ing ever how did I ever leave this job sdfghujhgfd. Set myself a dinky little goal of 10k just to see if I could manage it, what with only having 3 to 4 days a week where I can get any writing in. So far am sitting at just under 8k. May need to consider upping my goal a liiiiittle bit, haha. We shall see!
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Ugh, where the hell have I been? Well! What with moving halfway across the country (again), finding a house to rent, and the husband coming home from deployment, where I have been has certainly not been at my computer writing. However! Managed to (baaaaarely) beat Script Frenzy anyway, woo! Thinking I'll be trying it again next year, see how it goes.

And now, off to edit stuff!
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Had a dream last night that proves I apparently still have a fangirl crush on Mike Nelson. Whuuuuut.

Read more... )

So yeah. Thought I was over this silly thing, but apparently not. XD
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Last night, dream involving double-decker hippie bus. Had the top half of one of those hippie vans welded onto the top of a tour bus or something. Why. Nascar watching. Mom helped regreen my hair. Was randomly in the military... because I'm married to a soldier? And they told me to go to Chicago on some mission or something. Whut. Was trying to figure out how to go about that. Woke up.

What is up with the subconscious lately?


Oct. 19th, 2009 10:02 am
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Incoherent dream involving impractical airship. Hard to steer. Who are all these people? Visited Mamaw's shop that she never actually owned. Random other people were running it. Visited Mamaw. She didn't live in the right place. Was kinda sick, couldn't stick around. All rather illogical considering Mamaw's been dead and buried well over a year now.

Also something involving giant sentient octopusquidthing out of water. Chasing and defeating involved, all nonsensical.

None of this makes sense.


Feb. 19th, 2008 05:36 pm
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So I've forgotten most of this dream already, but what I remember is kinda wtf.

on a random boat )
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Here's a pair from a couple nights ago that had me wtf'ing a little bit.

semi-apocalypse-but-not-really? )

cannibalistic fae! )

Yyyyyep. Made of wtf.
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I only remember bits of this one. It was something to do with me and Random Person, possibly Eddie, and maybe Omittchi being on some kinda squad for slaying evil dragons, or something. We lived in some sorta compound (ala Reign of Fire?) with a buncha other people. It was a big place, but all I remember about it is the big-ass dining hall, hallways, a band room, and some sorta observation room above a gym-sized room full of zombies, mostly children, I think. Yeah. They hadta be separated from the general population of course.

So I remember at the beginning...ish... we were on some mission to somewhere that may or may not have been on another planet for some reason. I just know it involved use of some kinda (open-air) rocket ride to get there. (Physics? Wassat?) And we weren't gonna be allowed to leave, but either Random Person or Eddie detonated something that let our rocket take off so we got away. Hah.

After that sometime we were somewhere else, possibly back in the dining hall. There were lots of tables, anyway. I don't think we were there very long.

Then at some point later there was gonna be a fancy dinner. Just because. I remember trying on dresses, but I didn't get to go because another slaying hadta happen OMGRIGHTTHEN. The compound was maybe under attack or something. So we went out. I was walking with Random Person, who said something about it being nice how everyone else was still gonna have their fancy dinner, and I said something about how it was nice they could even *have* fancy dinners, thanks to us. It was something to that effect, anyway. And then we joined up with the rest of the squad and took off, and that's all I remember.

Oh, and at some point I wondered why nobody just shot all the zombies. It was really silly to keep them around, after all.

Ahahaha, I have strange dreams.

le sigh

Aug. 21st, 2007 08:45 pm
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Heather drew me the cutest picture of Brandon Saturday, and I wanna scan it in but the work scanner won't work. Bah. Nevermind! I took a picture! It's rubbish (the photo, not the actual picture) and I'll still scan it in Friday when I go to the house for laundry, [EDIT]I swtitched it to the scan![/EDIT] but here we go )
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Here's a few nights' worth of oddities...

PoT? )

Another one involving Real Life! )

Original-LotR-Real Life(ish) Madness with a dash of HP? )

What the hell, subconscious, what the hell.
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I'm having a lot of these lately.

This time it actually involved Real Life. My dad brought a buncha guys (presumably work buddies) to my apartment unannounced, and I was annoyed. They mocked the cluttery-ness, and I was further annoyed. I managed to get everyone outside, along with Reven, randomly. Eddie was at work or something, I guess, because he wasn't anywhere around. And it wasn't Wood Valley at all, like there was a tiny little pond in front of the building. There was a kittytoy on the far side of this tiny pond, and Reven spotted it and dove in. She swam right across, UNDERWATER, like a little fish. And I was amazed. Catfish. LOL.

And that's basically it. What the crap.


Mar. 14th, 2007 08:34 pm
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I hafta say something. It's freaking INSANE how much my boyfriend is like my MADE-UP-IN-MY-HEAD WEREWOLF. Seriously, wtf. Down to personality quirks, mannerisms, and even a freaking whip scar in almost the exact same place. Am I crazy? At least I didn't start dating him for the similarities, that'd be crazy. All that didn't really come out till way later, when Manda met him and said "OMG, it's Brandon!" and I was like "Hey...she's right...o.O??"

XD And what's worse is that I'm sortakinda a lot like the chara who dates said werewolf...and that wasn't on purpose. He wasn't modelled after me at all. @_@

I LOL. Hardcore.


Dec. 1st, 2005 02:08 am
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So, I've got a new chara. It's all Chibi-Aya's fault. Random creation for some rp fun, and I liked him so I'm keeping him. Whee! I have 2 slayers. I'd rather like to see them get in a fight over the same kill or something. It'd be fun. Doubly interesting maybe since this n00b's a half-angel. Hell, if I've got half-demons running around it kinda makes sense, right? There'd be sparks, yo, and not neccessarily the good kind. Mwaha. I must work on developing him though. Hard to get a lot out of two short rp sessions.

But yeah. Hihi to Kakami. *waves*


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