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Whee, another one. He's not as developed as some of the others, but he's also fairly new. I'm posting this now because lately he's been bouncing around all "Pay attention to me, bitch!" and I must oblige.

The stats and such )

Well. That's not quite all of it, but it's an idea. Not so much fun just putting everything out there right from the get-go, yeah? So anyway, I played around with that fun dollmaker again to sort of get an idea of what he (normally) looks like. Here we go. Pictures, yo )

And because I did it for 'Zoka and Drew, here's Taran's results for that purity test )

And that's about it for right now. I've gotta write him into a story or something before he drives me crazy. ^_^
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Ok, well I planned on doing this sometime, and now's as good a time as any. So! Here's my first profiley post, dedicated to Drew the Fishyboi.

Stats and things )

Ok, so whatcha think? I'm having fun doing this, I tell ya. So to expand my fun a bit, I made doll-pics of the lil' fishyboi. Photoshoot! )

Hee, this is getting long, and I'm having too much fun. In the interests of making it longer and thus further extending my fun, I thought of something else to add: music! A piece of the soundtrack )

[ETA] I found that purity test again. Here's the fishy's results. OMGsopure )

Alright, I'm done. Now tell me what you think!

Just the footnotes )


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