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Do dee do, writing stuff. Posting out of order. What a jumbled mess, XD.

I swear, the little snippet of an idea I was toying with just exploded or somethin. 4 bits long and still not finished, good grief. I'm having fun with it tho. And the random bit that just popped into my head the other night...well that needs writing too. It's so...cute, I've got an almost-sorta-kinda-affectionate-concerned Priss here. Maybe she's on crack. I dunno, it's not like her at all. Really cute tho.

Ah well. To work!
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There's this thing I really wanna write. One of those adventuring stories! Y'know, like Adventure Quest or D&D and stuff. I have a very very rough plot for one, I just need all the major points! I've got most of the characters set: Adventurers Numbers 1 & 2, friendly guideperson/love interest from [Random Village], Evil Sorceress and all that. Guess who gets to play the sorceress! XD Yeah, she's happy about the casting.

So yeah. I'm having fun with this. If I can get a plot hammered out it might be spiffy.

Also working on:
*more of those profiley things
*possible bit of meanness at Shiro (no I'm not killing him...again...just toying with the shikigami idea)
*the-world-is-doomed fic
*random smut
*not-quite-deathfic, involving almost-zombie XD
*general ramblyness about the made-up stuff in this happy alternate universe
*picking random topics from writing communities and running with them
*fixing up the badfic a few posts back
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Now I'm being bad to my Lil' Max! Nuuuuu! I'm sorry, hon...hopefully we won't let things go too far. I hope. I don't want you to end up like your brother, really I don't. ::sigh::

New Year's Resolutions:
POST all this crap. Prolly won't be readable, but it'll be posted.
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Nya. I brought Ryan back. No more (faking) being dead. Hello, geek-man. <3 And as a result, Jerry returns too. Hello to you too, crazy boi. ^_^ "The Three Amigos" as Jen called 'em are making a comeback. W00t w00t.

Still working on the other stuff.

And to Ryan: I'm sorry I'm making you do bad things to your son. I know ya don't like it. Buuuut, it's either that or be dead for real, hun. ::hug::
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Things I'm working on:

*some stuff about Shiro 'n what he did 'n where he was (and why?) while he was dead

*info about Drew and the Telmeri in general

*random theory to do with a dream I had a while back


It's really hard to get any of this done when I have massive amounts of homework/people all around/brainspasms.

[EDIT] And I need to figure out how to write a wave of destruction. A *big* one. I figure it'd sound sorta like the noise at the beginning of FotR when Sauron imploded then everyone fell down. Like that, but louder, cuz it'd be happening in a city somewhere. Haven't decided where yet. Random City is doomed...


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