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Another weird one. Yeah. Read more... )
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Right, first horror type dream I've had in a while. Forgot most of it before I even woke up, go figure. Read more... )
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But seriously, I had The Most Epic Dream Ever (or at least Most Epic Lately) last night. Unfortunately I've forgotten all but a few details. Alas.

Here's what I got:

Livi and Max went to... somewhere... to train in zombie killing. Because... the place they were in before was being attacked? Something like that. And they came back sometime later really good at the slaying. I know for sure Livi took at least one out with something small like a hand axe and it was pretty damn badass. Go, girl, go. And at some point while they were training she gave Max what she said was a Ring of Courage so he wouldn't punk out and stuff, which worked really well. He was rather adorably brave throughout the madness, at least until he lost the ring and freaked out. 'Course, then Livi told him it was just something she'd picked up somewhere and it wasn't enchanted at all. So he kinda got better. Whee, psychologicality! XD And anyway I guess everything turned out alright, but that's pretty much all I can remember. There was a lot more.

Like, Jack Sparrow bringing in an entire fleet of pirates for reinforcements. o.O;; What are you doing in my dream, Jack Sparrow?
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Had a dream last night that proves I apparently still have a fangirl crush on Mike Nelson. Whuuuuut.

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So yeah. Thought I was over this silly thing, but apparently not. XD
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Two dreams from different nights last week.

First. Max as some sort of singer/pop star. He felt... trapped? somehow by the lifestyle. Odd shot of his shadow clutching onto the bars of a bed's headboard; they stretched up like prison bars. Brandon was there, gave him a comforting shoulder touch. The shadow of the bars shrank back to normal. The symbolism is heavy with this one.

Second. Livi trying to reach some very large mansion in the middle of a stormy sea. Had a horse named Jake who apparently could run on water. They survived the trip, but she lost Jake for a little bit. Odd house, had areas obscured by fog and the like, definite warnings to Not Go There. Have been watching the boy play Demon's Souls too much, methinks.
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Last night, dream involving double-decker hippie bus. Had the top half of one of those hippie vans welded onto the top of a tour bus or something. Why. Nascar watching. Mom helped regreen my hair. Was randomly in the military... because I'm married to a soldier? And they told me to go to Chicago on some mission or something. Whut. Was trying to figure out how to go about that. Woke up.

What is up with the subconscious lately?


Oct. 19th, 2009 10:02 am
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Incoherent dream involving impractical airship. Hard to steer. Who are all these people? Visited Mamaw's shop that she never actually owned. Random other people were running it. Visited Mamaw. She didn't live in the right place. Was kinda sick, couldn't stick around. All rather illogical considering Mamaw's been dead and buried well over a year now.

Also something involving giant sentient octopusquidthing out of water. Chasing and defeating involved, all nonsensical.

None of this makes sense.
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So, this. Incoherent and odd. In which Priss acts OOC... )


Feb. 19th, 2008 05:36 pm
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So I've forgotten most of this dream already, but what I remember is kinda wtf.

on a random boat )


Dec. 29th, 2007 09:37 pm
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So I had another rather nonsensical dream last night. It's... weird. Read more... )

I say again: What the hell, subconscious.
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Here's a pair from a couple nights ago that had me wtf'ing a little bit.

semi-apocalypse-but-not-really? )

cannibalistic fae! )

Yyyyyep. Made of wtf.
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Last night, I had a random zombie dream! W00000000000h00. This time, I was me. Maybe. Or maybe I was Livi. I think I was. And I had Becca and Priss with me, or a pair of girls something like them, anyway. Maybe their original incarnations? Anyway. We had this random old beat-up brownish van (not The Van,* b/c The Van is white...ish), and it was our getaway vehicle. And boy did we need it; there were zombies popping up EVERYWHERE. I don't even remember seeing any other non-zombie people running around.

So. The basic plot was that we drove around, I guess trying to find other people, or places that weren't zombie-infested, or something. Had very little luck. Like, we'd get to a place, and it'd seem ok for a little while, but we'd always wind up having to run like hell back to the van because suddenly omgzombies. And randomly, there was a dog with us too. Pretty pretty dalmation that hung out in the back of the van. The zombies weren't interested in eating him though, which was nice. And that's pretty much all I can remember of it, really. That and wondering where the hell Max and Brandon were, and being really worried. I suppose this must've been happening during the runaway phase or something. Could be wrong. Who knows.

It never got any further, cuz boyfriend woke me up too early. The bitch.

One day, I should type up the Driveway Zombies Dream. XD Cracktastic.

*The Van was the group's 'getaway car' way back when. Yesh.
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I only remember bits of this one. It was something to do with me and Random Person, possibly Eddie, and maybe Omittchi being on some kinda squad for slaying evil dragons, or something. We lived in some sorta compound (ala Reign of Fire?) with a buncha other people. It was a big place, but all I remember about it is the big-ass dining hall, hallways, a band room, and some sorta observation room above a gym-sized room full of zombies, mostly children, I think. Yeah. They hadta be separated from the general population of course.

So I remember at the beginning...ish... we were on some mission to somewhere that may or may not have been on another planet for some reason. I just know it involved use of some kinda (open-air) rocket ride to get there. (Physics? Wassat?) And we weren't gonna be allowed to leave, but either Random Person or Eddie detonated something that let our rocket take off so we got away. Hah.

After that sometime we were somewhere else, possibly back in the dining hall. There were lots of tables, anyway. I don't think we were there very long.

Then at some point later there was gonna be a fancy dinner. Just because. I remember trying on dresses, but I didn't get to go because another slaying hadta happen OMGRIGHTTHEN. The compound was maybe under attack or something. So we went out. I was walking with Random Person, who said something about it being nice how everyone else was still gonna have their fancy dinner, and I said something about how it was nice they could even *have* fancy dinners, thanks to us. It was something to that effect, anyway. And then we joined up with the rest of the squad and took off, and that's all I remember.

Oh, and at some point I wondered why nobody just shot all the zombies. It was really silly to keep them around, after all.

Ahahaha, I have strange dreams.
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Here's a few nights' worth of oddities...

PoT? )

Another one involving Real Life! )

Original-LotR-Real Life(ish) Madness with a dash of HP? )

What the hell, subconscious, what the hell.
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I'm having a lot of these lately.

This time it actually involved Real Life. My dad brought a buncha guys (presumably work buddies) to my apartment unannounced, and I was annoyed. They mocked the cluttery-ness, and I was further annoyed. I managed to get everyone outside, along with Reven, randomly. Eddie was at work or something, I guess, because he wasn't anywhere around. And it wasn't Wood Valley at all, like there was a tiny little pond in front of the building. There was a kittytoy on the far side of this tiny pond, and Reven spotted it and dove in. She swam right across, UNDERWATER, like a little fish. And I was amazed. Catfish. LOL.

And that's basically it. What the crap.
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Also for the past night or two I've had tiny dream snippets where some of my OC's randomly wind up in the Saiyuki!verse. Yes, they meet the Ikkou. No, I'll never write it. As a general rule I strongly dislike sticking OC's into fanfics and the like. I'm not good enough at that kind of thing to make it anything close to decent anyway.

I think the whole thing's to do with the fact that I've been marathoning Reload and Gunlock before work for the last 2 weeks. XD
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This one involved a buncha people (most of whom I didn't recognize) in a mildly creepy 49-story house. I have no idea why it was 49 stories, or how that's even possible. But there ya go. Read more... )

That's all I remember. And yes, I'm aware that it's a really stupid dream. My subconscious is weird.
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Ok, so I was dreaming random stuff involving something with Taran and Drew. There were some evil people, I think the three vampires who turned Taran. So one of them was holding him down, and the other two had Drew. And I don't remember exactly what they were talking about, but it was something to do with them doing Bad Stuff to Drew to mess with Taran. Possibly the same thing they'd done to him back when they turned him. Bad, bad things. And Drew, he figured out what they meant, and realized what other people meant when they went on about things like that. He's pretty innocent as far as that stuff goes, but this time he understood...and it made him mad. Like, really mad...he'd never been so pissed off in his life. And then? Something weird. He. changed. I mean, changed. It was crazy. Sort of like when he changes forms to merboy-type, only so much not. He went a little greenish-skinned, his eyes blacked out, and he got big scary teeth like a fucking barracuda. I think he might've grown a little too, gotten a little taller and lankier, and his hair kinda went a little dead-seaweed-in-water-like. He looked like a fucking sea monster of some sort. There was severe beatdown. And what sucked is that Taran didn't get to watch cuz he'd passed out by then. I think the one person was choking him or something.

And then when he woke up Drew was perfectly normal, just kinda worried about things because he couldn't remember what'd happened past the point where he'd seen red, just that after he'd calmed down the people who'd attacked them were totally pwned and not coming back ever. And Taran was all 'wtf' and that's really all I remember.

Strange, huh? A raging Drew is a scary thing. XD
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