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Weird random situation where Taran must go to some sort of Vampire Function, and must have some human thrall because Reasons. He is a shitty vampire and has no idea how to even try to enthrall someone. Grabs a random Drew off the street and basically says "You. You're my thrall now. For tonight." Drew is confused because what even is a thrall random stranger, so Taran reluctantly explains the situation. Drew ponders over it and decides that he will help this stranger because of course he will. Also, he has only ever seen vampires in movies, so it's neat that he's just met a real one, and will meet many other real ones!

He spends the whole Function meeting vampires and announcing that Taran is "my vampire! :D I am his thrall and very happy :D :D" Some of the vampires find him endearing, some find him annoying, and most of them wonder what the hell kind of thrall he is because thralls actually aren't supposed to be so chatty. Taran wonders what the hell he's gotten himself into.
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Bait & Switch, in which Becca and Priss are an assassin team working for... someone, because... they are. Becca lures their targets in with a good Potential Victim act (Bait); Priss kills the shit out of them (Switch). And those are totally their codenames. Becca finds them utterly atrocious and must they really use them, really? while Priss gets a genuine good giggle out of it.

Clearly, I've been reading too much of the Weiss Badfic archive.


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