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1. Fill in the blanks with 15 of your characters.
2. Answer the questions as follows.

1. Taran
2. Rachel
3. Brandon
4. Ryan
5. Morty
6. Max
7. Livi
8. Becca
9. Nic
10. Priss
11. Drew
12. Lilli
13. Ivy
14. Bea
15. Argon

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Two dreams from different nights last week.

First. Max as some sort of singer/pop star. He felt... trapped? somehow by the lifestyle. Odd shot of his shadow clutching onto the bars of a bed's headboard; they stretched up like prison bars. Brandon was there, gave him a comforting shoulder touch. The shadow of the bars shrank back to normal. The symbolism is heavy with this one.

Second. Livi trying to reach some very large mansion in the middle of a stormy sea. Had a horse named Jake who apparently could run on water. They survived the trip, but she lost Jake for a little bit. Odd house, had areas obscured by fog and the like, definite warnings to Not Go There. Have been watching the boy play Demon's Souls too much, methinks.
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Brandon seems to be fairly ambivalent. Seeing as how his significant other isn't properly equipped for birthing and adoption is hard, he doesn't really feel like bothering. Also, he's not sure his raising a kid would be a very good idea (though he seems to be doing well enough in Kearny 'Verse).

Max is too neurotic to try breeding. He can barely handle himself sometimes, so trying to care for spawn is just right out. It'd be a Very Bad Idea, success in Kearny 'Verse notwithstanding.

Lil' Max currently assumes he'll probably have kids 'one day' as that's what people seem to do. Nevermind the fact that deep down he's actually not interested at this point in time, nor is he really sure he'll be interested in the future.

Ryan possibly shouldn't have spawned, but oops. The Trio turned out fairly well, regardless of his hand in their upbringing, or lack thereof. Given the chance to participate in the actual raising he would've done his best, and probably he would've been good at it. Jerry did a good job helping with the youngest, at least, but has no chilluns of his own. That he knows of.

It's possible that Drew is equipped to carry children. The Telmeri are weird like that. Though I think if he were to get pregnant he'd freak out at least a little. I kinda doubt he's ever seen a pregnant male anything. Really, he doesn't worry about it right now, as his people only spawn after adulthood and he's not 'of age' yet, so the equipment should be nonfunctional.

Taran hates kids. He won't breed unless he somehow manages to get Drew knocked up. In the unlikely event that this happened, he'd flip his shit hard, and the spawn possibly wouldn't even make it to birth.

Chad, too, hates kids and will not breed. No amount of whining, begging, threatening, etc will change his mind. Also he's too smart to be oopsed.

As far as Argon is concerned, the family line ends with him. End of story. He spent a good portion of his life raising his sister practically on his own, and that was more than enough, thank you very much. Of course if Sylvie has children, then the line can continue under a different name. That's fine too.

Nic is pretty sure he wouldn't mind being a father, but considering he's with Argon, that just won't happen. He accepts and is fine with this. Besides, he can have all the Kodak moments he wants helping out with Sylvie.

As for Ozoka and Shiro? With Shiro's health problems and 'Zoka's mental imbalances raising children would just be cruel. It's a sort of unspoken agreement between them. That and 'Zoka is Too Damn Horny to be around impressionable children.
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So, revisiting the out_lines questionnaires again, this time giving Brandon a go (partly because Taran wanted to... "stop answering these damned questions"... His words. X3). Whee~!

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le sigh

Aug. 21st, 2007 08:45 pm
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Heather drew me the cutest picture of Brandon Saturday, and I wanna scan it in but the work scanner won't work. Bah. Nevermind! I took a picture! It's rubbish (the photo, not the actual picture) and I'll still scan it in Friday when I go to the house for laundry, [EDIT]I swtitched it to the scan![/EDIT] but here we go )
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Here's a few nights' worth of oddities...

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Another one involving Real Life! )

Original-LotR-Real Life(ish) Madness with a dash of HP? )

What the hell, subconscious, what the hell.
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I thought this would be fun, and at least a little distracting...

List 12 of your original characters:

01. Livi
02. Brandon
03. Max
04. Ozoka
05. Argon
06. Nic
07. Becca
08. Priss
09. Taran
10. Drew
11. Shiro
12. Bea

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Brandon peeked up over the large metal crate he was hiding behind, but quickly jerked back as bullets sprayed around him. He sighed. "I really don' wanna die like this," he muttered.

Priss turned to him, huffing slightly. The fact that they were hiding at all instead of fighting was bad enough; she didn't want to listen to his moaning. "I don't plan to," she said resolutely.

"Hell, I didn't plan to either, but..." He made a halfhearted wave in the direction of the firing. "They got guns, we don't. We're way outnumbered. The hell are we 'sposed ta' do?"

"I don't plan to die like this," she repeated, a familiar glint in her eyes. "I plan to die taking out as many of these bastards as possible."

Brandon thought about it a minute. "Guess that works.."

"It does." She drew her sword. "Ready?"

"Hell no," the werewolf answered, drawing his own sword. "Let's go."

They jumped over the crates.


Umm, yeah. Short and simple and odd. Don't ask, it was just suddenly there. Who are they fighting? Why are they fighting? Are they really about to die? I have no idea.
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Because if I don't get it down somewhere I'll forget it eventually. And I know it doesn't matter to anyone else, but it kinda matters to me. So, yeah.

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I'm so tired of typing now. But now I won't forget any of this, cuz it's here. Yay! <.< Later on sometime I oughta do this for my newer people. Don't wanna forget them either.
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Yes. Repost from the main journal about my lovelly lil' Telmeri boi, cuz it's fun.

Why you should never give Drew technology )
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Hm. Yeah. So there's this song, 'The Man Upstairs' by Voltaire, who rocks. Some of it sounds kinda like my charas. Behold:

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[edit]Originally posted here.
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This is a wonky dream I had several months ago. W00t.

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