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So, this is kind of a continuation from these posts, this time concerning my first vampire characters. Whee.

So, Argon. He's a French prince, been around since Medieval Times sometime. He got his start as kind of a villain in some rp with Jen. He tried to take an axe to someone, which is weird since a broadsword is his only weapon. He's since mellowed out a bit. But just a bit, as he's still kind of an asshole. Hates commoners and halfbreeds who are not Nic, whom he employs as his bodyguard/blacksmith/apothecary/etc. He's strong enough in his own right to not actually need a bodyguard, but seeing the looks on people's faces when he introduces his nearly seven foot tall protection brings him endless amusement. Pretty positive that at the beginning he was asexual. May still be, with a certain exception. Had to raise his sister practically on his own, which pretty well cemented his choice to NEVER EVER BREED EVER. (Because Our Vampires Are Different,* and can breed if they're so inclined. A lot of the vampires in this world are the Living Vampire type.) He's been a daywalker from the start, and doesn't have to feed that often. If he was much older he probably would only be able to be out at night, so he lucked out there.

Nic (whose real name is Nicodemus, which I'm not sure is actually Italian like he is) was sort of a bit player at first, but he came in at the same time as Argon. I'm pretty sure I got the idea for his character from the mobsters of Looney Tunes. Like, if Argon was the small but intimidating mob boss then Nic was the big henchman twice the boss's size who still deferred. He's changed very little, still one of those hyooge guys who could break someone in half but who generally wouldn't dare. Because he is one of the nicest guys you would ever meet. Back then his only job was being a bodyguard (who was dismayed at his employer's villanous tendencies), but now he's also the blacksmith, apothecary, cook, and general maintenance guy. Anyone who says he single-handedly keeps the castle running is not lying. Pretty sure he's always been affectionate towards Argon, but for a long time it was in the super subtle not-really-obvious way. Treats Sylvie like the little sister he never had, except that he acts like she's super breakable. Really, he acts like that around everyone, since he once accidentally hugged someone to death. That sorta thing can mess a guy up. Aside from that he's pretty balanced, possible future insanity notwithstanding.

I probably shouldn't put Sylvie here as she's Jen's creation rather than mine, but. As she is the princess, I figure it's alright. So, Sylvie. She's Argon's little sister, though I can't for the life of me remember how she came into play. I think she's old enough to be considered 'adult' now, but she still acts pretty childish. It may be some sort of coping mechanism to help her deal with her parents' deaths (Father died in some battle, which drove mother to madness. She pretty well just wasted away over many many years.) but I'm not positive there. Dated Chad for a while, whom she'd randomly met on a random trip to the States. I don't actually remember why she and Argon went there in the first place. They've broken up since, a fact that makes Argon happy cuz omghalfbreedhate. Yeah. I'll have to check with Jen and make sure this part is accurate. I like accuracy.

*I warn any random reader right now, click that link and you may or may not lose hours or days to the crack that is TV Tropes. Seriously. Happens to me all the time.

And so, there's the vampiric nobility. Well. And Nic. But I guess he's sorta-kinda nobility-by-proxy by now.
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