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Another weird one. Yeah.

So this one started in some studio somewhere, where Max was getting a few photos done. No idea why he would do that because he generally dislikes having his picture taken, especially by people he doesn't know. I'm guessing it was one of those 'gotta get pictures made for school' or some such. No real explanation there. But photos were done, fine, and he went on his way.

Then it skipped ahead to oh noes some folks kidnapped him. They were holed up in some kinda biggish house and kept him locked up in this one room. No windows, only one way in or out. No places even decent enough to hide in, even. And so not only did he get to freak out about being randomly snatched, he also got to freak out because he had no idea why the hell the snatching had even happened. Like, what, did these people want ransom? There's not much money to be had there. And he didn't know any of the kidnappers, so surely it wasn't some sort of vendetta. He wasn't even treated all that badly (aside from the apparent ringleader yelling at him sometimes), being held against his will aside. Hell, sometimes this or that kidnapper would come hang out and chat with him, even. Strange lot.

I don't know how long they actually kept him there. It was long enough for him to get past the panicking and begging to be let go any time anyone came in the room and more towards being constantly nervous but otherwise fairly chill. Kinda weird there. Might've been Stockholming.

But so it went a little, then the ringleader came in and told Max there was someone wanting to meet him. And he was confused but didn't really have a choice so in comes this person. And oh hey, it's the photographer from the beginning. Whut? Apparently this guy had taken a 'liking' to him, had organized this whole thing, and now intended to Do Something. Maybe some molestation, a very raunchy photoshoot (he did have his camera), or some combination or something. Can't remember. But the second he tried to get Max out of his clothes kid panicked and ran, managed to get out of the room even since no one was guarding it this time. Yay escape? :D

No, not yet. D: At least a few of the kidnappers were nearby, so they gave chase. Nooooo. And I don't know if Max just wasn't feeling well or what but he wasn't nearly as fast running as he normally could be. Very good at short sprints, this one, but not today. Could have something to do with the fact that he wound up running up a good two flights of stairs. He found some sort of hidey hole that looked like it was maybe a crawlspace, but it turned out to just be a sort of small cubby. He managed to squeeze into the thing anyway, and it sucked because it was tiny and he hates being in tiny spaces.

And then one of the kidnappers happened to find him, because he hadn't managed to get the wall panel back just right. So it was like nooooo but the guy was super nice and told him to just sit tight and everything would be fine. Turns out this guy was an undercover cop omg. So I don't know exactly why Max believed him, but he did, so he was all like *relief!* and the cop fixed the panel so it didn't look suspicious. And then shortly after that one of the other kidnappers came in but the cop lied and said he'd already searched the room. Yaaaay.

And there's a gap right here. Dammit.

Then it was over. There were more cops, and everyone who wasn't the undercover guy were either arrested or ran off somewhere. So Max was omgsograteful to the guy who helped him out, and then I guess he went home or something. The end?

Except then I have a very fuzzy thought of him maybe possibly wanting to run off and hang out with a few of the kidnappers again. Kid needs to stop that Stockholming.

...And then the lovely storm outside woke me up. Whee.
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