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Right, first horror type dream I've had in a while. Forgot most of it before I even woke up, go figure.

So for whatever reason Livi and Max were going to some sort of summer camp. Got a little bit of the sign in process, mostly involving Max being assigned to some boys' cabin and sent outside while Livi finished. He was pretty much ordered to go on to his cabin, which meant he had no idea where Livi was going. No one cared when he protested. So off he went, and ran into some of the other boys who had the same cabin. I forget specifics, but they were generally menacing and threateny. Max pretty much decided that he'd definitely rather not be with these people and would much prefer to stay with his sister instead. Again, no one cared, and they dragged him off to the cabin pretty much kicking and screaming.

And I have no idea what happened to him after that. D:

Then it switched back to Livi. I only remember bits and pieces here. She was definitely concerned that her brother seemed to have disappeared, but not much happened there that I can remember. There was something about her washing her hands in some bathroom where the water suddenly got super hot and refused to turn off. The room steamed up so much that the bottom half of the door started bowing out. So since Livi wanted the hell out of the room but couldn't get the door open she decided to just crawl under it where it had warped. Fine and good.

Then again she was in the same bathroom... hiding from something? That something managed to get partway inside and turned out to be some sort of great big dog demon. It scratched the hell out of her arm but aside from screaming bloody murder she didn't seem too fazed by it? Strange. But then the demon left for some reason so things were mostly alright. And apparently in spite of the scratches being pretty nasty there was no danger of being infected or contaminated by demonness or whatever. So that's good too.

And again with this same bathroom. This time I don't know if she was necessarily hiding, at least not at first. I think she ws about to leave the room but popped right back because this bunch of people wearing dog masks (like full headcover is what I mean here, sort of like for a fursuit or something but way less plushie looking). Looked pretty culty so she was probably pretty right to be hiding.

And yyyyyeah, that's really all I remember. Too bad, it was pretty interesting.


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