addleverse: (just some rather pointless babble)
1. Fill in the blanks with 15 of your characters.
2. Answer the questions as follows.

1. Taran
2. Rachel
3. Brandon
4. Ryan
5. Morty
6. Max
7. Livi
8. Becca
9. Nic
10. Priss
11. Drew
12. Lilli
13. Ivy
14. Bea
15. Argon

1. Would you rather go on a date with 5 (Morty) or 12 (Lilli)?
Gonna have to say Morty, seeing as how Lilli is the equivalent to a rather young child. A date with Morty would be... interesting.

2. A man wearing a thong and boxers on his head comes up to 8 (Becca) and demands their money. Their reaction?
She would probably start with being shocked, then possibly flustered, and moving on to being rather disturbed. Then she would probably babble some sort of 'excuse me' and run the hell away. Probably have a good giggle about it later.

3. 6 (Max) comes home and finds that 2 (Rachel) has broken into their house and is stealing their possessions. What happens?
Gasp! But Rachel isn't a thief, so... And Max would probably say something like "Mom, wtf are you doing?" and it would turn out that she was cleaning or looking for something. She might have a spare key to the apartment, maybe, but she wouldn't be using it without permission.

4. Would 13 (Ivy) ever have sex with 9 (Nic)?
Ahahaha zomg. They would probably hit it off if they were to actually meet, though I doubt they would ever end up being close enough to want to sleep together. Nic would probably be afraid of breaking her anyway, which he is perfectly capable of if he isn't careful. It wouldn't be a very good idea.

5. What would 5 (Morty) and 10’s (Priss) lovechild look like?
awsegtdbjkl I love this question so much. Well. Provided they ever got the mad urge to sleep together (and Priss didn't abort with a vengeance)? Well, let's see. They're both dark haired and rather fair skinned, so. It would be a dark haired, fair skinned, tallish gangly thing. With a bit of a nice nose going on. Probably would end up with Morty's darker eyes, as that should override Priss' blue.

6. What would 7 (Livi) never ever admit to the world?
Sometimes she would really like to be normal. No supernatural stuff, no crazy past, nothing. Just average.

7. Do you think that 1 (Taran) is sexy/cute?
Yes. Mostly on the cute side, but yes. X3

8. Is 9 (Nic) or 14 (Bea) more likely to commit murder?
Nic, definitely. He's committed at least one accidental murder, and slaughtered many in the name of self defense or protecting Argon and/or Sylvie. I could see him pulling a preemptive strike if he was sure of a threat. He wouldn't like it, but he'd do it.

9. What is the last thing that 15 (Argon) would ever wear?
Something like fishnets, I'll bet. He likes to be covered, thank you very much.

10. Why would 15 (Argon) hate 7 (Livi)?
Hm. Well he already doesn't particularly care for her, but there are only a very few people he actually gives a damn about. Probably all she'd need to do to push the disdain to hate would be mouth off at him a bit. Then again, he doesn't really need a reason to hate anyone.

11. Is 4 (Ryan) a virgin?
Not since he started college, no. D'ohhohoho~

12. What would 2 (Rachel) get 3 (Brandon) for their birthday?
Well, when he's around on his birthday she cooks him up a nice tasty steak. As for something that isn't food related, probably something practical like a new pair of work boots or something.

13. Does 9 (Nic) go to church?
He does keep the castle's chapel clean and in good repair, but as for actually going to church, no. There haven't been any services at the chapel for a few centuries anyway so he's out of practice.

14. 12 (Lilli) and 1 (Taran) go scuba diving. What happens?
Lilli would enjoy it so so much. Taran would probably think it's kinda interesting, but he'd be all paranoid and keep on the lookout for any predators. What are these two doing hanging out anyway? They don't even know each other.

15. Would 6 (Max) survive a zombie apocalypse?
Ooh. I would hope so, but. Honestly, he could probably last at least a little while, but definitely not forever. He can use his telekinetic talents to fight off the zombies, yes, but if he runs out of energy and is also too tired to run away and/or find somewhere to hide, well. Doom. And if he was alone he probably wouldn't last very long at all. The isolation would probably drive him nuts enough to mistake an approaching zombie for one of his friends. Doom again.

16. Who’s taller, 4 (Ryan) or 14 (Bea)?
Definitely Ryan. Bea is around 5'4" while Ryan is at least 5'10" or so.

17. 5 (Morty) and 8 (Becca) get in a fight. Who surrenders first?
Aw, why are they fighting? In the 'verse Morty's in they get along fairly well. But probably Becca would give up first, as eventually she just hates all the anger and yelling. Although! If it's obvious that Becca's very very upset Morty would probably defuse. It's sort of a tossup.

18. Does 13 (Ivy) trust 3 (Brandon) enough to drive with them during a heavy rainstorm in heavy traffic?
Ivy has never ridden in a car at all, so she may have a bit of a problem doing any riding. But I guess if she were completely convinced of Brandon's driving skills and actually needed to be driven somewhere she could probably ride with him. Maybe.

19. Could 8 (Becca) ever win a swimsuit competition?
She probably could. If curves win the contest, then most likely. If having the smallest/naughtiest/whateverest swimsuit wins, probably not.

20. What scares 7 (Livi) more than anything?
Anything bad happening to her family (this includes her friends) that she can't do anything to fix. Helplessness sucks.

21. How long could you stand to be around 10 (Priss)?
...A while? Depends on if she's feeling like being particularly grating. Probably she would ignore my presence the whole time, which gets old after a while. Maybe could manage a day or so.

22. Your old high school enemy comes up to you on the street and punches you in the face. What would 13 (Ivy) do?
She would be shocked and at least a little appalled, probably tell the hypothetical enemy off, and fix any damage if she was able. Ivy really doesn't like pointless violence.

23. What would 2 (Rachel) say/do when extremely drunk?
If she was in happy!drunk mode she would probably tell everyone around how very much she loves them, probably hug and cuddle a lot. Because she loves them very, very much. And she would laugh. A lot. Oh how she would laugh. If it's sad!drunk mode she would mope and cry, probably all over Jerry, about how much she misses Ryan. She tends not to drink when she's sad so this isn't as common.

24. Would 1 (Taran) ever crossdress?
He has, and he will again if he needs to. ...Well. He can turn himself into a girl if he wants. Shapeshifting is nifty like that. Basically if there's some reason for him to be female, then he'll be female.

25. 1 (Taran), 8 (Becca), and 14 (Bea) are playing tug-of-war against 7 (Max), 9 (Nic), and 12 (Lilli). Which side would win?
Haha. Out of the whole bunch, the two weakest are Max and Lilli, which looks bad for that side. However! They have Nic, who is easily as strong as everyone in the lot. Therefore, the Max/Nic/Lilli team.

26. 11 (Drew) and 3 (Brandon) are arguing. Who resorts to violence first?
Oh damn, I hope they never get that far in an argument. Brandon is more of a loose cannon, so he's more likely to take the first swing. He'd regret it and apologize right away, because he loves Drew to death. But yeah, definitely Brandon.

27. Does 9 (Nic) or 4 (Ryan) have a worse temper?
Ooh, that's a tough one. They're both pretty mild, really, but Nic has had centuries to learn how to keep his temper in check, so he's pretty darn good at it. So I guess that means Ryan's is worse by default. Even though he doesn't seem to have that much of a temper to speak of. (And when Nic eventually loses his marbles he'll be the one with the worse temper. But we're not there yet.)

28. Who would you least want to meet in a dark alley, 14 (Bea), 11 (Drew), or 6 (Max)?
Pffff ahahaha. They're all pretty safe to run into, most of the time. I guess I'd have to say either Drew if he's mad enough to be a monster, or Max if he's flipped out and destroying things. Neither one really pays attention to what they're destroying at that point.

29. If 10 (Priss) got drafted for the army, would they go for it or dodge the draft?
You ask the assassin if she wants to get paid to fight? She would be all over that.

30. What is 15 (Argon)’s worst memory?
Probably his parents' deaths. Or being slowly tortured nearly to death by Incubus. (The vampire, not the band. XD)

31. Why would the government be after 3 (Brandon)?
He's a werewolf, and I guess the government doesn't like that? So either for extermination, or "research" or something like that.

32. You run into 2 (Rachel) on a busy street? What is the first thing you notice about them?
Dayum that lady is rocking the short hair. Probably. Ahahaha.

33. Would 11 (Drew) ever get cosmetic surgery?
Oh hell no. Knives and needles and things scare him. He wouldn't be going anywhere near something like that.

34. Does 5 (Morty) love or hate him/herself?
He has sort of a love/hate relationship with himself. He's got plenty of confidence in himself, and it shows. But sometimes some of the bad things he does (accidentally or on purpose) get to him, and he has to wallow in a bit of self loathing. Then he drinks.

35. 13 (Ivy) gets hit on by someone of their own gender? Their reaction?
Ivy is inexperienced but straight, as far as she knows. She would probably be at least a little surprised, then confused, and possibly a little flattered. Then she would politely turn down the advances.

36. What is 14 (Bea)'s worst habit or addiction?
She doesn't do anything too terrible, really. It's probably something silly like using a fork or her fingers instead of a toothpick to get stuck food out of her teeth or something like that.

37. What kind of movie would 11 (Drew) go see?
Drew loves movies, so he would see just about anything as long as it wasn't horror or some kind of disaster movies. His favorites are comedies, even though he doesn't get all the jokes. He likes to laugh.

38. Does 10 (Priss) still live with their parents?
More than likely she's never lived with her parents, considering that she never even knew them. The closest thing she has to a parent is her sensei Ryu, and she doesn't live with him anymore either.

39. Does 6 (Max) dance?
PFFFFFFFF, no. He lacks coordination for that sort of thing. Becca tried to teach him to waltz once, and it didn't end well.

40. 3 (Brandon), 5 (Morty), 12 (Lilli), and 15 (Argon) are playing poker. Who is the most likely to cheat?
None of them are really cheaters, but I definitely could not see either Lilli or Argon even attempting. They're not even very familiar with the game. Between Brandon and Morty though... Morty is definitely more likely to play dirty, though I don't think he's ever cheated at cards before.

41. What would be the main thing standing between 1 (Taran) and 10 (Priss)'s love?
He's afraid of her and she doesn't give a damn that he exists. OMGTHEIRLOVEISSOPURE.

42. Is 2 (Rachel) or 4 (Ryan) more mature?
Haha, this thing would pick the parents. It's close, but it's probably Ryan. He's a good deal better at staying rational. Most of the time.

43. Does 1 (Taran) or 8 (Becca) have a bigger ego?
Taran, definitely. Becca doesn't so much have ego as a good sense of confidence.

44. Would 12 (Lilli) rather drive a small, environmentally friendly car, or a huge Hummer with bad gas mileage?
Lilli would rather fly! It's what her wings are for. Ahaha but if she had to have a car it would be small and environmentally friendly without a doubt. And pink.

45. Does 6 (Max) care about their appearance?
To the point that he generally wants to go unnoticed, yes. Sometimes this includes things like wrinkled clothes and bed head, especially when he can't be bothered to try to blend in.

46. 5 (Morty), 7 (Livi), and 14 (Bea) go into a haunted house. What happens?
OHGODLOL. Is this an actual haunted house or something like a park attraction? Either way Morty would try not to show any fear, though some of it would probably get out anyway. He doesn't enjoy being scared, thankyouverymuch. He'd be on constant lookout for an exit. Livi and Bea would enjoy it for the lulz, unless it was real. Then they would be concentrating on getting out in one piece.

47. 13 (Ivy) is walking along and gets pulled aside by a prostitute. Do they accept the offer?
Ummyeah Ivy's kind of a prude. She would politely decline, and wonder what in the world this person was propositioning her for.

48. Does 10 (Priss) have or want kids?
No. Also, NO. NO.

49. How will 15 (Argon) probably die?
I see three possibilities. Either some slayer will get lucky, Incubus will, or Nic when he goes crazy. Of the three, Death By Nic is most likely.

50. Why was 6 (Max) picked on at school?
Why wasn't he picked on? Let's see, picked on for being scrawny, quiet, twitchy, odd, kinda small, being socially inept, his sister defending him, and pretty much anything anyone could think of. It was not good times.

51. For what would 11 (Drew) worship 4 (Ryan)?
Hm. It wouldn't be worshiping like a god, but I had a plot in mind where Ryan saved Drew from being horribly experimented on. He would be extremely grateful.

52. 3 (Brandon) and 15 (Argon) are running against each other for president. Who do you vote for?
AH DAMN. Well. Being a prince, Argon knows how to run things. But Brandon, though inexperienced in politics, would be keen to help out the common folk and whatnot. Probably I'd have to go with the guy who'd be looking out for the majority of the citizens.

53. 1 (Taran), 8 (Becca), 12 (Lilli), and 14 (Bea) gang up on 5 (Morty). How long does 5 (Morty) last?
Pfff poor Morty. Why are someone he considers fairly tolerable and three people he's never met ganging up on him? We've put three mages and a shapeshifter against the tech man. He could hold his own for a little while, but with all the magic that would probably be flying around his weapons would eventually break. He might have a while longer once things got physical, since he's no slouch in the strength department. But, unless he got in some lucky shots and disabled everyone, not terribly long.

54. Who would 11 (Drew) rather take to the prom, 2 (Rachel) or 9 (Nic)?
ZOMGLOL. Drew would be rather fascinated by this 'prom' thing. And he doesn't really know Nic at all, so he's more likely to take his 'Mama Rachel' probably. If he invited her while she was emoing it would cheer her up at least a little.

55. Would 7 (Livi) ever wear a leopard-print miniskirt in public?
No way. A)She doesn't do animal print, B)she rarely (if ever) wears skirts, and C)when she does they hardly ever hit above the knee.

56. Who has a more normal weight, 4 (Ryan) or 10 (Priss)?
Ah hell, they're both on the skinny side. It's probably Priss. Even though she's kinda scrawny she's solid muscle. Hell, she might even be heavier than Ryan altogether.

57. Why would 13 (Ivy) be arrested?
Um. Well she doesn't do anything particularly bad, so it would probably be something like obstructing traffic (stopping in the middle of a highway to gawk) or something like that. Reckless endangerment, maybe.

58. 3 (Brandon), 6 (Max), and 11 (Drew) go to the movies. What happens?
Hah, I could see this happening. They would probably go see something either epic or hilarious. There would be much popcorn. Just a simple, fun movie night.

59. 13 (Ivy) is trying to escape from a burning building, but sees 1 (Taran) trapped in the corner. Would they try and save 1 (Taran)?
She absolutely would. She doesn't know him at all, but that's no reason to leave him behind to burn.

60. 15 (Argon) and 8 (Becca) are exploring an abandoned tomb, when 15 (Argon) suddenly falls through the floor and barely manages to avoid the spike traps. How would 8 (Becca) save them?
...Uh huh. Argon wouldn't want help, for starters, but Becca would probably find a rope or some vines to lower down to him. And by the time she got that done he would have teleported himself out of the hole. Ahaha.

61. Would 2 (Rachel) rather marry 6 (Max) or 14 (Bea)?
ewasdfgv Given the option of either marrying one of her sons or their friend, she would have to go with Bea. Even though she's straight. Awkward.

62. Does 10 (Priss) smoke or drink?
She'll drink sometimes. Sometimes she'll drink other people under the table. No smoking, though.

63. The house is about to explode, and 9 (Nic) can only save 3 (Brandon) or 12 (Lilli). Who do they choose?
Noooo don't make Nic choose like this, cruel meme. If he were forced to choose he would pick the itty bitty Lilli. Brandon would probably demand it anyway and he's more likely to survive a house explosion. But screw your rules, he'd save them both. XD

64. Would 11 (Drew) ever deal drugs?
No way. He doesn't really understand the stuff at all, but he had a bad experience with some once and that was more than enough. Why would he want others to suffer like that? He wouldn't.

65. Did 15 (Argon) graduate high school?
Technically? He never went to any formal schooling. All his learnings are from tutors and books and the like. So no, no proper graduation.

66. 7 (Livi) tries cooking a new icky looking dish and invites 4 (Ryan), 9 (Nic), and 13 (Ivy) to dinner. Who eats the dish?
Picked three of the politest people, eh? I see what you did there, girl. Ivy would probably try it out first, since she's used to eating things that look odd. Ryan and Nic would both follow close behind, Ryan because of course he'd try his daughter's cooking no matter how strange it looked, and Nic because he wouldn't want to be rude.

67. Would 3 (Brandon) ever pierce their tongue?
He's thought about it before, but he's really rather ambivalent to the idea. He doesn't actually have any piercings at all and that's probably how it's gonna stay.

68. What about 9 (Nic) annoys 14 (Bea)?
She barely even knows him, but if she did her peeve would probably be how he's a total doormat for Argon. She would probably think he was weak willed or something like that. Or a pansy.

69. Does 1 (Taran) or 5 (Morty) sleep more?
Damn, they're both at least a little bit insomniac. But Taran tends to sleep whether he wants to or not, so he's probably getting more than Morty is.

70. Who does 15 (Argon) like most out of 2 (Rachel), 8 (Becca), and 12 (Lilli)? Who do they like the least?
Of the three he's only ever met Becca. He doesn't mind her, usually. But if he met the other two he would probably end up liking Rachel a little better. They could talk of ancient things, maybe. He would like Lilli least, because she's shrill and hyper and reminds him too much of his sister. One Sylvie is enough.


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